Republication Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in republishing my articles. Thank you also for respecting copyright by copying it right.

I am delighted to offer you republication rights with the conditions detailed below. By following these brief conditions you can avoid the legal risk of being perceived to be offering financial advice – I will bear that risk and responsibility.

Note that republishing rights only apply to brief articles and do not apply to any educational programs or paid-for products like books, audios, videos, e-courses and online resources.

Also you may not sell my content or publish it behind a paid-for members-only access. It must be distributed free, just like I have.

Republishing online

My first preference

If you are republishing the articles online my primary preference is that you extract a summary and apply a frame to it so that your readers know why it is relevant to them. You can then link to the full article using each article’s permanent URL link.

This approach fits with my view of the internet right now. I think we need insight more than information. To achieve that we need more and better filters that help us interpret the information relevant to us. Your site with its niche can add the niche relevance your readers need.

My second preference

I do understand that the business model of some sites is to have the full content on your website for search engine benefits. Whilst full republication on your site is less beneficial to me I’m ok with it as long as it is done respectfully with a link to my site.

The Essential Requirements

  • The Acknowledgement Notice (detailed below) must be included in full at the base of every article.
  • If editing is required to fit the article into a fixed space please contact me and I will edit the article. If you edit the article you risk liability under Australian financial services law. Therefore all edits you do must be approved by me prior to publication. (Please allow a few business days.)
  • If you are reprinting an article over six months after its original publication date please contact me to ensure the information is current.

I would greatly appreciate a courtesy copy of or link to the publication in which each article is reprinted. This may be done post-publication (unless you have edited the article.) My contact details are here.

Acknowledgement Notice

The text within the following box must be included in full at the conclusion of each reprint of the article. (Again, if you have space restrictions please contact me.)

Certified Financial Planner professional Matt Hern specialises in guiding you on the right financial choices to have enough money for what you really want when you want it. For a free online financial health check visit

The above article is general information only. Matt Hern is an authorised representative of Sentry Financial Services Pty Ltd (AFSL 286786).


If required a photo of Matt may be downloaded here

I sometimes use stock images in my articles. If you wish to republish those images you will need to purchase your own licence from the stock photography site. Contact me to find out the image source.

Other images in my articles are models I have created and form part of my intellectual property. You may use those images with my permission so long as they are used within the same article content and follow the above republication guidelines. In that case please host the image on your site.