A happy place for your superseded gadgets

Got a new gadget or two for Christmas? Maybe a new phone, tablet or digital camera?

If the old, superseded gadget is still working it seems a waste to just throw it in the bin. Give it a second life by recycling it and get some money into your pocket.

Another idea could be to re-purpose your old gadget.

In December I upgraded to a new smartphone when I re-contracted. My young children love playing music and taking crazy self-portraits on my wife’s iPhone but they are pretty rough with it. So, over the holidays I reset my old smartphone and set it up as a music player and digital camera.

Gee, was I the best Dad ever! (Well, I got to bask in glory for a few minutes anyway.)

To protect them and me there is no SIM in the old phone and I haven’t set up the wireless internet access codes.

If they eventually break it then that’s ok – I’ll recycle the broken phone for spare parts and hopefully get a few bucks into my pocket.