A happy place for your superseded gadgets

Got a new gadget or two for Christmas? Maybe a new phone, tablet or digital camera?

If the old, superseded gadget is still working it seems a waste to just throw it in the bin. Give it a second life by recycling it and get some money into your pocket.

Another idea could be to re-purpose your old gadget.

In December I upgraded to a new smartphone when I re-contracted. My young children love playing music and taking crazy self-portraits on my wife’s iPhone but they are pretty rough with it. So, over the holidays I reset my old smartphone and set it up as a music player and digital camera.

Gee, was I the best Dad ever! (Well, I got to bask in glory for a few minutes anyway.)

To protect them and me there is no SIM in the old phone and I haven’t set up the wireless internet access codes.

If they eventually break it then that’s ok – I’ll recycle the broken phone for spare parts and hopefully get a few bucks into my pocket.

Author: Matt Hern

Certified Financial Planner professional, Matt Hern has three times been awarded as one of Australia's Top 50 Financial Planners by The Australian Financial Review Smart Investor. He is passionate about guiding you on the right financial choices to achieve what you really want. Matt Hern is an Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited AFSL 234665. All information is general advice only.