Sell your old mobile phone and gadgets

Recycle your old mobile phoneDuring the post-Christmas sales I walked past a mobile phone shop and noticed a flyer about selling your old mobile phones.

“That’s interesting”, I thought, ” I might write an article about that”.

Then two days later while rummaging through old computer cables I found a 5 year old mobile phone that I’d forgotten I had. Bingo!

I quickly visited the website on the flyer and discovered they were willing to buy it. So instead of dropping it in a mobile phone recycling bin (for free) I could recycle the phone AND make money. Score!

The process was simple and quick.

  1. Find the model of your old phone
  2. Register your details
  3. Print the postage paid label (cool!)
  4. Send the gadget
  5. Get paid (by PayPal or EFT into you bank account)

Through the process I received a couple of e-mails to keep me informed of progress, which I appreciated.

How much can you sell for?

Since my old phone was quite old and only partially working I received $9. That might not sound like much, but it was actually less effort than remembering to take the phone next time I go to a shopping centre.

Better still, when my current phone contract expires in 4 months I’ll be able to sell my current smart phone for $110. That’s helpful if I decide to re-contract and/or upgrade my handset.

There’s no need to have an old phone sitting around creating clutter, especially if it still works.

I used Cash A Phone because that was the flyer I saw and they were willing to buy my 5 year old phone,  but they are not the  only company that buys old phones.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Another important bonus for me is that I have the knowledge that my old phone may be refurbished and re-used in a developing country or recycled. Good news all round!

Mobile Muster LogoIf you can’t sell your old mobile phone then I encourage you to recycle it. Mobile Muster is the official recycling program of the Australian mobile phone industry.

Sell your old gadgets too

One other part that impressed me is that Cash A Phone will also buy or recycle your old gadgets, including:

  • iPods
  • iPads and other tablet computers
  • Laptops
  • Digital cameras
  • Game consoles
  • Sat-Nav (GPS)

So next time you upgrade a gadget act quickly to see how much money you may be able to make from it.

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  1. One other option to consider is to not upgrade the moment your contract expires, and look for a cheaper deal where you’re not paying for the phone through your monthly contract fee.

    Best example that I have found is the RedBullMobile prepaid. $365 p/a with unlimited calls/ SMS & 4GB data per month. For a heavy phone user this is incredibly cheap.

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