How I made a 5000% return in 1 month

In January I sold an investment asset that I had bought only one month earlier – and the sale netted me just under a 5000% return on investment.

Now I got lucky when a motivated buyer emerged within a month of my purchase. This is uncommon.

But what is common is that level of percentage return on investment, according to my mentor in this investment type Ed Keay-Smith.

The investment I made was in buying an Internet domain name. For example: It is like virtual property investment.

I refer to this type of investment as frontier investing as it reminds me of the days centuries ago when people rode off into the Wild West and pegged some land.

Whilst very high percentage returns are possible, of course just like any investment you need to first learn a lot so that you know how to make a good investment decision. Otherwise you are just speculating. And if you are blindly speculating you are one small step from gambling.

How to invest in domain names

To help you start learning more about investing in Internet domain names I’ve interviewed my domainer mentor, Ed Keay-Smith. Ed is one of Australia’s leading authorities on the subject of domain names and domain investing and his blog and podcast at is read and listened to by domain investors across the globe.

In this 40 minute interview you’ll discover:

  • What exactly is an Internet domain name
  • Why you may want to invest in this type of asset
  • Why you may not like to venture into this frontier investment type
  • Several golden tips from Ed on how to generate domain ideas and work out if they may be valuable
  • Where to go next to learn more about investing in domain names

3 thoughts on “How I made a 5000% return in 1 month

  1. Congratulations, Matt and Ed – this is an excellent podcast! I learned a lot, and I’ll be recommending it to my clients, not only those interested in investing in domain names, but also those who want to know how to choose the best domain name for their business.

    Loved the frontier investing analogy, Matt!

  2. Despite the huge number of .com and .com.audomain names registered the opportunities to register names in anticipation of emerging markets is still very lucrative. The recent comments of Matt Cutts from Google in relation to the excessive weighting Google currently gives to the URL in their search results, is a good forward indicator that the traffic domain name opportunity may be reduced over the next 12-24 months

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