Store your Will safely in the Will Bank

When a lawyer drafts your Will for you it is common that they will store the original and you receive a copy.  One downside of that is keeping track of the lawyer’s current contact details. (I haven’t heard from the lawyer who drafted our Wills 5 years ago.)

The Public Trustee in Western Australia provide a fantastic free serice called the WA Will Bank. They store your Will in a “purpose-built, fire-proof vault, keeping it safe from loss, theft or damage”.

This is a brilliant community service and I recommend it highly. When you store your copy of your Will at home just write on it that the original can be found at the WA Will Bank with the Public Trustee. Your family/friends with then easily be able to find it.

For interstate readers – I’ve browsed the websites of other state trustees but they don’t appear to offer a similar Will Bank service. If however you know of such a service please let me and other readers know in the comment section below.