Protect your wellbeing from unemployment

The latest Australian Unity Wellbeing Index published today explores what we already know in our gut – that unemployment deeply affects our wellbeing.

As the author of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, Professor Cummins from Deakin University notes:

“[Unemployment] is devastating to the wellbeing of the people directly affected and also to the wellbeing of their families. While governments recognise the economic impact of unemployment, the shocking impact on personal wellbeing and mental health is not sufficiently recognised.”

What measures are you taking to protect you and your family from the impact of unemployment?

You may not think losing your job is likely and you may have the typical “we’ll be right” attitude but what evidence do you have to back that attitude?

It’s probably easier than you think to set up some financial protection against the economic impact of retrenchment. Having that financial safety net is also an investment in your mental health as it gives you a greater sense of wellbeing. Don’t wait for or rely upon the Government to support you and your family.

Watch the video in my previous article “Don’t stress about losing your job” to learn the three key elements to your retrenchment safety net.