Manage your business brand on Facebook

If you’re pursuing business or self-employment as a money making strategy you know the importance of building and managing your brand. And you’ve probably heard of Facebook and Twitter. But have you started to harness the power of these communities to interact with your customers, both current and prospective?

Peter Fletcher has written this very useful guide on “How to build a vibrant business community using Facebook Pages“. In his introduction Peter explains why you may consider a Facebook page for your business:

Facebook presents a powerful opportunity for business. At one stage it was just for college kids. But that’s no longer the case. As this is written the social networking platform has well over 200 million active users. If Facebook were a nation it would be one of the earth’s most populous. Over 100 million log on at least once per day and these users upload over 850 million photos every month.

But, importantly for business, Facebook’s fastest growing demographic is 35 years of age and older. They’re connecting, they’re communicating, and they’re spending. It’s fertile ground for business.

Early in 2009 Facebook released a new version of Pages. Business Pages, or Fan Pages as they’re also known, harness the power of some of Facebook’s most popular applications. Previously these applications were only available on personal profiles, but today they’re being used by business to leverage connections and engage and interact with their community in new and creative ways.

First, I hope to demonstrate how Facebook Pages provide a unique opportunity for marketers to build active communities around their business. Second, I plan to reveal some of the new skills that are essential to online marketers in order to create engagement and dialogue, and to tap into trends and fashions. Finally, I hope to show that the development of a vibrant business community is within reach of anyone with the passion, will and drive to create outstanding results.

A Facebook page as a compliment to your website

You may be thinking that since you already have a website for your business you don’t need a Facebook page.

Firstly I ask how often is the content on your website updated and is it easy to do so? You can post new information, articles, photos and videos very easily to your Facebook page. And even better people can interact with them – and you can interact back. It’s great to have such a conversation with your customers.

Secondly, my thought is that if Facebook is where people hang out then I want to make it easy for them to interact with me where they are. I don’t want to force them to come to me. Sure I’d love for everyone to come back to my website, but most importantly I want them to be able to get value reading my stuff wherever they are.

Time to get started

Even, and perhaps especially if you are brand new to considering social media as part of your business brand management I recommend you read Peter’s book. It is easy to read and includes a step-by-step guide into starting your Facebook business page. It’s already helped me tune my Facebook page.

While you are on Facebook setting up your page you are welcome to connect to my Facebook page. I look forwarding to discussing personal finance with you there or in the comments below or wherever you like to hang out. 🙂