Make money from niches

Recently I’ve written a little about my belief in profiting from your passion and that now is a great time to be able to do that. If you’re early in your journey of exploring this possibility then you may be wondering “why is now a good time?” and “how can I make money from it?” I get that questioning because that curious nature is just like me – I want to learn more and deeper.

In 2006 Chris Anderson published an insightful book called “The Long Tail: How Endless Choice is Creating Unlimited Demand“, which delved into both the why and the how.

You can instantly discover the key elements of the book by reading this excellent book wrap by Geoff McDonald the BookRapper. I love Geoff’s BookRaps and highly recommend you check them out – they’re free.

Geoff’s quick summary of The Long Tail is:

There is money to be made in very small niches. The big shift has been in access to the Internet. Previously to make a good profit you needed high production volume and a best-selling product. Now, through our PCs it’s easier to create things and the Internet gives us all access to global distribution. There is almost any market, for any product, somewhere. Let your customers find you on the net.

Read Geoff’s BookRap of The Long Tail below or download a copy for free from the BookRapper site.

P.S. I am currently reading and loving Chris Anderson’s latest book “Free“. Check it out too.