I declare the downturn to be over

I wonder…if together we all declared “I’ve had enough! The downturn is over. From now the economy and markets are growing;” could we create a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Yes? You think we could?

Great, then join me now in making the declaration and spread the word to your friends, family and everyone you know. Blog it, tweet it and share links to those declarations in the comments below.


Legal note: This is not a recommendation to buy long, sell short or hug your co-workers. Just spread the positive vibe man.

2 thoughts on “I declare the downturn to be over

  1. I agree Digger. It is not clever to be pessimistic and keep checking for the sky to fall in. I hereby affirm that the downturn is over and the economy is rapidy returning to previous levels and beyond.
    I check all of your messages and am well pleased with the work that you are doing and the information that you present. Good fortunes mate . I love you.

  2. Hey Matt, I like your idea … But how would this work in practice? Is it realistic?

    How would this sort of affirmation pay the mortgages of U.S. deadbeats who knowingly took out loans they had no intention of repaying? Or increase the demand for steel from China, which dropped after the Beijing Olympics? Or rescue the U.S. car industry, which is already bankrupt?

    I can understand the market being driven by sentiment, but aren’t there underlying fundamental reasons for this downturn? Do we *want* to start relaxing credit again to encourage those dodgy loans? Or boost house prices to those unsustainable artificial levels? Or promote those over-leveraged securities that caused this whole sorry mess?

    I’m not being pessimistic here. I’m just trying to understand the cause of this downturn. And I’m not convinced we can fix it simply by declaring it’s fixed.

    That said, I do believe that what we think about we notice (NOT that “what we think about, we attract”, which is the fundamental flaw of “The Secret”). So yes, if we’re thinking recession, we’ll notice lots of recession-oriented stuff. Nothing wrong with that – it’s just what you *do* about it.


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