Ten Best Paid Politicians – Value for Money?

With all the kerfuffle by politicians over the remuneration of company executives I found it interesting to read this list of the ten best paid national leaders. Originally compiled by The Times and then re-crunched by The Australian to show their payper capita. (If the link does not work you may also read the article here.)

Interestingly by this measure Kevin Rudd (the Australian Prime Minister) is earning roughly ten times as much as Barack Obama (President of the USA).  

When it comes to how much politicians are paid I’ve often wondered if it is evidence to support the saying that “you pay peanuts you get monkeys”.

That said, many company executives who contributed to the global financial crisis were paid multi-millions and now appear to have been monkeys in human suits.

When you boil it down, mostly this is a bit of fun. I think it is fair though to remember the rule of thumb that paying a high fee is no guarantee of quality, but if you expect quality then be prepared to pay for it.