Thanksgiving Menu 2008

I just read this bit of wit in the December edition of Noel Whittaker’s newsletter. Whittaker didn’t quote the source, but I think the person is worthy of congratulations as it is quite clever. So if you know the origin please let me know.


Mélange Of Frozen Markets
Tossed Assets With Government Guarantees
Frisée Of Foreclosures And Defaults

Main dishes

Évaporation de Credit à la Cold Turkey
House Signature Dish
Seared Investors In Bottomless Pit With Caramelized Investments
Overheated Markets Without Oversight à la SEC
Braised Bankers Rump With Bailout Coulis


Sorbet Trio Of Shock, Disbelief And Insolvency
Off Balance Sheet flambé

Featured wine

Great Depression Grand Siècle
1933 méthode creditoise