Delusion lets smokers breathe easy

MOST Australian smokers are in denial about their habit.

A survey by the Cancer Council Victoria reveals that 60 per cent of smokers cling to “self-exempting beliefs” that smoking-related diseases such as heart and lung cancer are caused by air pollution or genetics.

Tamara Davis, The Weekend Australian, December 29, 2007

Self-exempting beliefs don’t just apply to smokers and are not limited to our health habits. The article headline could easily be changed to “Delusion lets us spend easy”

A non-smoker probably reads the above quote with disbelief. With all of the advertising over the recent decades how could anyone still think that smoking and lung cancer are not linked?

So, as we enter 2008 ask yourself if you have any self-exempting beliefs that are negatively impacting on your wealth.

For example:

I’m young so don’t need to start saving and investing for my retirement.

I invest in residential property so can ignore my superannuation.

I’m fighting fit, drive and live carefully so don’t need insurance because it’ll never happen to me.