Where do I start?

I love receiving phone calls of enquiry from people who are new to advice. Often the calls start with them revealing that up until now they’ve not paid much attention to their money at all (besides spending of course) but for one reason or another they’ve decided to take action now. I love it because it means that one more person is taking control of their financial future, which is what I am all about.

The very next thing such callers often reveal is that they have no idea what advice they need or what they should be doing with their money at their stage of life. To help them I have released a guide on my corporate FINDRE website to identify the top priorities to be implementing at your life stage. You may also like to consider this as a guide of where to start your journey. Read the guide “Financial Advice by Life Stage” here.

One other tool that may be of use is my online Financial Health Check-up.  The report tells you what you are already doing well, where you have gaps and what you can do to fill those gaps. It is a terrific resource to be armed with before you contact your first financial adviser. (It could even be a good tool to check-up on your financial adviser.)