What is the value of financial advice?

Socially when I speak to people who have never seen a financial adviser, and are still reluctant to do so, one of the main reasons has been that they don’t see any value in using a financial adviser. Sometime they sense that an adviser delivers some benefit but that those benefits don’t outweigh the costs and therefore don’t provide enough value. Does that sound similar to your view?

Almost everything that we do, buy and enjoy in life is facilitated by money. So, the benefits of a solid financial foundation are far reaching in our lives. Conversely, the cost of inadequate financial management can have a deeper impact than you may be aware.

A Financial Adviser partners with you to help you reap the rewards of a solid financial foundation. You could do it yourself if you invested the time. A Financial Adviser acts like a coach to help you achieve the benefits quicker and easier than if you did it yourself.

The benefits of financial advice are both tangible and intangible. In fact, in my experience of working with clients often it is the intangible benefits that have been the most important.

On my corporate website at FINDRE I have published a detailed article about the tangible and intangible benefits of financial advice. If you are interested in partnering with an adviser but first want to learn more about the value of advice I encourage you to read the article now.