How’s your financial health?

How’s your financial health? Is everything in tip top working order, or are there areas being avoided and showing signs of wear and tear?

Well, if you suspect that your finances are out of shape you are not alone. The average score from my online financial health check-up is just 39 percent.

That low average is to be expected given that we don’t receive much if any financial education when we are growing up, and then none afterwards unless we seek it. So we leave school not knowing what we don’t know.

But wouldn’t it be great to be enlightened as to things we could easily do that would make quick gains and we didn’t even know about? That’s why I created the online financial health check-up to produce a very comprehensive, personalised report.

And the great news is that until Monday December 3rd you can complete the check-up and get three extra educational tools for half-price. It’s all part of my mega Christmas bundle – check it out now.