Peter Brock’s FORMER partner WINS estate battle

“The former partner of the late motor racing legend Peter Brock has won a legal battle over his estate”, reports the ABC News.

Brock apparently left three Wills – the latter one changed a major beneficiary from his former partner (Bev Brock) to his partner at the time of his death (Julie Bamford). But the latter Will was unsigned.

Unfortunately it is too late for Brock to advise us of his true intentions, leaving his estate wide open to a challenge based on many people second guessing his intentions.

Have you made your intentions clear with regard to the distribution of your assets?

Are there possible beneficiaries who may be unhappy and seek to challenge your estate, irrespective of the presence of a valid Will?

For example:

  • Do you have a former partner(s), or children from other relationships?
  • Does your current partner have children from other relationships and with whom you have a relationship?
  • Do your children have a close relationship with each other and their surviving parent, or are they likely to bicker after you are gone?

Examples like that of Peter Brock remind us to get our affairs in order and to make our intentions clear. Not just to others, but also in a legal sense.

If you do not have a valid Will that is up to date then it is time to sort it out.

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