Advice for a young professional

The March issue of the Australian Financial Review Smart Investor magazine included a feature of financial advice case studies of people across several generations. I was fortunate to be invited to submit my advice to Scott Gubbins, a member of Generation Y. You can read the case study here. (Courtesy AFR Smart Investor.)

Scott’s scenario was typical of many young people I have met so many young people could benefit from reading the article. If only there was enough space in the magazine to publish the full advice I recommended for Scott. 🙂

Wealth Insights for Young People

There is such a myriad of ideas for how to manage you money it is very difficult to know where to start and what is appropriate for you.

In one of my regular interviews on Wake Up! WA we discussed money tips for young people, including students. IN the later half of the interview we also touched on how parents of young people can support their children in creating positive money habits.

Watch the video below or here.

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Is your money mindset robbing you of riches?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have most of the wealth and continue to acquire more, but you don’t appear to be getting ahead so quickly? If so, it could be your money mindset.

In this interview on the TV show Wake Up! WA I reveal how your beliefs, values and thoughts about money act as obstacles to you acquiring greater prosperity and wealth.  I also share what to do about it.

Video reproduced courtesy of Ego Creative Media.

What thoughts do you have that potentially rob you of riches? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.