Superant – financial literacy for littlies

A new educational website has been launched, called SuperAnt. Anything to do with money and finance can make many people’s eyes glaze over. This is perhaps even more so with younger people who have not yet had the life experience to realise the value of money in facilitating life experiences.

If you prefer to learn in fun, interactive ways (as many of us do) then check out the SuperAnt website, developed for TasPlan. It has lots of budgeting tips that will be useful for your teenage children too.

You are never too young, or old to learn how to make your money work harder for you. 

Educated Investors Aren’t Left Hanging…

Does your head start to spin when you listen to the finance report on the nightly news? Would you like to understand some of the more prominent and important words used in managing your money? And would you like it to be fun?

Well, you can do just that. Test your knowledge of the language of money by playing this fun version of hangman produced by Quia.

There are 25 randomly generated words and you are given hints. I had lots of fun playing along and I’m sure you will too.

Play it with your children as a way to help them learn about money.