Planning the management of your finances to achieve your goals and to achieve what is important to you.

A mag about living the life you love

Whilst I write about money my deep belief is that it is all actually about living the life you’d love. That’s why I love this new magazine published by my mate Bruce Sullivan through his business 1 Life Do It Now. There are three big things I really like about the 1 Life Do It […]

Matt’s Money Song (for a bit of fun)

In March 2008 I presented my “Cents, Dollars and Rock ‘n’ roll” presentation at the NSAA Conference in Melbourne. I closed the presentation with my adaption of a well known, ageless song. For a bit of fun, I’ve decided to share it with a wider audience – you. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Ruth Ostrow’s tip on how to discover what matters

I believe financial planning is about acting purposefully to ensure you have enough money for what matters most to you. To help you achieve that outcome one key practice I recommend is to  “save for the significant and minimise the insignificant” Obviously you first need to know and identify what life experiences are significant for you. In Ruth […]

A great 21st birthday gift

A great 21st birthday gift

My partner and I would like to buy shares for my son’s birthday. He will turn 21 on 9 November and we want to buy him something that he will have for a very long time. Eventually we came up with the idea of starting him off with his own share portfolio, but we have absolutely no idea how to go about this. We also don’t know if it is possible and whether it is a viable, long-term plan. We’d appreciate some advice…

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