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Matt HernHi, I’m Matt Hern.

Welcome to The Money Guide – an educational resource and service of my financial education and advice business.

About Matt Hern

I am a Certified Financial Planner professional and have three times been awarded as one of Australia’s Top 50 Financial Planners as part of The Australian Financial Review Smart Investor Masterclass. I have spent nine years working in the financial planning industry and started my own business in 2005.

Prior to that I was a Petroleum Engineer with BHP Billiton, which including working on offshore rigs. During this time I was often baffled by the myriad of ways that colleagues told me to make money. (Since I wasn’t very passionate about engineering I was constantly exploring ways to get rich and get outta there. Can you relate to that?)

Following some career coaching I changed careers into Financial Planning. During my early studies of financial planning the question I often asked was “why didn’t someone tell me this before? It’s so simple and easy.”

I also realised that most of what the ‘Water Cooler Experts’ around the office told me was dangerous misinformation.

These two epiphanies inspired my passion for clearing the fog of money making options and showing you how to have a better life through confident, informed financial choices.

My philosophy is to identify the high impact, low effort actions and do them first. These actions are simple to understand, easy to implement whilst still achieving a great financial outcome.

By prioritising your actions in this way you can have more time and energy for what matters most to you in life. No point spending all of your precious time managing your money and investments when that is not what you most enjoy.

In inspiring people to achieve their financial and lifestyle dreams I was a monthly guest expert on TV show Wake Up WA for two years. I have also been a guest expert on radio 6EBA and been quoted in several newspapers including The Australian Financial Review. You can watch some of my television interviews here.

How to get personal advice from Matt

If you like what you read and watch here on The Money Guide and want to discuss receiving one-on-one personal advice from me please visit the website of my advice business here or go straight to my contact details and call me.