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5 responses to “Sell your old mobile phone and gadgets”

  1. Ann Rolfe

    Thanks for this, Matt. Brilliant! I’ve got several pieces of junk lying around and I will be upgrading when iphone 5 comes out.

  2. Julian Clark (@Mostlegendary)

    One other option to consider is to not upgrade the moment your contract expires, and look for a cheaper deal where you’re not paying for the phone through your monthly contract fee.

    Best example that I have found is the RedBullMobile prepaid. $365 p/a with unlimited calls/ SMS & 4GB data per month. For a heavy phone user this is incredibly cheap.

  3. Brian

    Recycling is the way to go. All those you mention above have been around for a while and all do a good join. The new guys on the block are top dollar mobile, who just opened their Australian website. I’ve juts had an iphone 4 32GB sent in, and the price was the best I could find on all the current major phone recyclers, including Mazuma. Happy camper with extra cash now- the site is at

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