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8 responses to “How to sell shares without a broker”

  1. Job change checklist

    […] Do you have an employer share loan you need to repay upon leaving employment? If so, a common way to repay the loan is to sell some or all of the shares. If you don’t have a broker then read this article to discover how to sell shares without a broker. […]

  2. sylvie Wolpert

    Hi, I wonder if you can help with this question. I have shares in a company (SLP) which is no longer listed on the ASX. I am being offered to trade my shares on the LSE via a broker for the next 3 months (it is a voluntary offer, not mandatory). However, I would prefer to keep my shares for a long time as they are not doing great right now.
    My question is:
    Since my shares are no longer listed on the ASX and not yet listed on the LSE, can I keep these shares until such times that I wish to sell them (several years) and how would I go about selling them when I do?. I am told that it wouldn’t be technically possible to list them on the LSE and that I would need to do an ‘off-market’ trading. This is the key word and am not sure I fully understand it. It would mean finding a buyer outside of the LSE. Can you clarify the implications of this?
    Thanks for any help. Sylvie

  3. sylvie Wolpert

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks a lot for the prompt support!. I’ve actually now managed to contact the company secretary of SLP who confirmed that all shares are now on the LSE and can be traded at any time in the future.

    The info I got from the ASX contact was incorrect, which is good news.

    Once I decide to trade my shares, all I’ll need is to find a good Australian stock broker which can also trade on the LSE, which I hope will not be too hard to find. I was with Bell Direct, but they do not trade with the LSE. I’m not in any hurry but do you know any one you can recommend?
    Thanks, Sylvie

  4. Julie

    Dear Matt
    I would like to sell some shares that I was trustee for when my son won them some years ago. He is now 29 and he needs to sell themj. The shares were in my maiden name at the time of my son’s acquisition. Please advise as to the best way to cash in the shares. Can I sell them through NAB Trading?
    Kind Regards

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