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11 responses to “Better budgeting”

  1. Carlijn White

    Great Stuff Matt! I’m now trying to convince my 3 nephews and one niece to do this course . I even offered to pay for them! I thoroughly enjoyed the course; will have to work stuff out still, but the big pattern is there for me to work with.
    I may choose to come back for another course, just to cement the basics.
    In the meantime I will enjoy your news letter and keep on working on making my money work for me.
    Kind regards,
    Carlijn White

  2. Glenn Cardwell

    I think you are quite right Matt. Budget is like dieting. Dieting leads to thinking “what I can’t have” and that becomes the focus. We should think about what we can have and the long term benefits. Eating well is about being in control of your food. Budgeting well is, as you describe, about being in control of your available funds. This month I topped up my super. I could have replaced a very old TV instead and I would have had a better quality picture, but it sadly would not have improved the quality of the program or my life.

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  4. Alan Walker

    Good article, stresses the importance of budgeting with the ultimate goal of creating wealth not just paying for indulgences. Good Read

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