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3 responses to “Property prices do go down”

  1. Gihan Perera

    This is an interesting blog post, Matt, and I agree with you about encouraging robust decision making. But your point shouldn’t be about property; it should be about morons making poor investment decisions.

    I mean, you’re talking about somebody who buys something at 140% of its value (full purchase price, plus costs, plus 4 years of interest) in the hope that it will turn a big profit in four years. If that’s your wealth creation strategy, you’re an idiot. It doesn’t matter whether you’re investing in shares, property, a business or ostrich eggs.

    On a different point, I think you should be very careful about quoting broad-based generalisations like, “Home buyers in Perth have seen no capital appreciation since August 2007”. This is complete rubbish. I know people personally for whom this is completely untrue (and I reckon we might even know some of the same people, Matt).

    Of course, the Rismark-RP Data people will argue that they didn’t mean this LITERALLY, and there are always exceptions. If so, I will make the same argument about statements like “property doesn’t go down” – which are almost never meant literally.

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