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2 responses to “How to Invest in Gold”

  1. Mark Thompson

    Or you can invest in the Talga Gold Ltd IPO!
    But seriously Re your comments Matt, especially on investing in a gold mining/exploration company, each of your possibly negative points also have positive ones.
    “The investment value will not necessarily track movement in the gold price”
    Yes, it may exceed it!

    “Many mining companies have investments in more than one commodity”
    Yep, and you want them to have some Nickel when the gold price drops and nickel takes off, etc. Their diversity provides an inbuilt hedge.

    “…you have the management and operational risk associated with any company.”
    Yes, and the management benefits. Kerry Harmanis, the MD of Jubillee took shareholders from 20c to $23 per share. The company value far outperformed the commodity value in that time – good management can add value to your gold aspirations.

    Mark Thompson
    Managing Director
    Talga Gold Ltd

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