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money from ideas in your head

Make Money From Your Ideas

My last article on Making Money Writing About Your Passion prompted this enquiry from regular reader, Nick: “how can you generate an income stream from e-marketing and even sales of products of your expertise and knowledge” You can make money from your expert ideas in your head – it’s called thought leadership. (I also recently […]

Kick Start 2010

Are you are goal setter? Do you like to be purposeful about the way you live, experience and achieve? If so, then this e-book is brimming with ideas to help you kick start the new decade. My article, “How To Have Enough Money For What You Want” is on page 17. Most things in life […]

Death Throes of the Monster Chimerica

“Chimerica” describes the combination of the Chinese and America economies, which when the term was coined had become the driver of the global economy. In an article in The Weekend Australian over the weekend (21-22 November 2009) authors Niall Ferguson and Moritz Schularick discuss how the past structure of this relationship needs to die a […]

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