Certified Financial Planner professional, Matt Hern has three times been awarded as one of Australia's Top 50 Financial Planners by The Australian Financial Review Smart Investor. He is passionate about guiding you on the right financial choices to achieve what you really want. Matt Hern is an Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited AFSL 234665. All information is general advice only.

6 responses to “Is your money mindset robbing you of riches?”

  1. Andy

    That was fantastic. No ummmms or aaahhs. just as I would expect from you.
    Gee you talk quickly, must be excited about your subject. 🙂

  2. Bas

    Matt…you’re a legend! Great stuff.

  3. Holly

    Hiya Matt,
    Thanks for sharing your inspirational video on positive money mindsets!
    I’ll definitely be asking … Is that thought serving me?? and if my answer is no … it’ll be getting the swat! 😉

  4. Detlev

    Just great!
    It is so important to let people know how potent mindset is – for money AND the rest of ouf lives! It is there where vast potentials lie dormant.
    I loved your commitment to selfdevelopment!!! IMHO that is the most important sector for investment.
    Greetings from Germany. 🙂

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  6. remarkable



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